Batteries and the environment
Batteries and the environment
Last Edited: 14/Dec/2016

Regular debates in the news about climate change and frequent charity campaigns to save the planet means that your typical consumer is starting to consider their climate footprint. You want to reassure your customers that their battery purchases are eco-friendly, so here are a few things to consider when stocking batteries. 

Rechargeable batteries

Many of the best brands now produce rechargeable batteries. You're going to want this option in stock so you can ensure you're giving your customer the eco-friendly choice. Some places are reluctant to have rechargeable batteries in store, fearing loss of sales in the long-term - but remember, customers are always going to want more batteries, especially since electrical items are on the rise in the average household. And if you're the one to sell them their first rechargeable battery, they're going to come back to you as they swap over all their other household batteries. Don't forget - displaying a rechargeable range means you should have some battery chargers in stock as well.

Recycling stations

Do you have a battery recycling point that's publicly displayed? You may want to consider getting one in your shop or in your workplace. It's reassuring for customers to see a sales force also considering environmental needs. Plus, if somebody brings some old batteries to recycle at your facility, they're now in the perfect place to buy some new ones!

Stocking the best brands

Knock-off batteries produce lower power and are much quicker to end up in the bin or a landfill site. By stocking recognisable names, you're reassuring your consumers about the quality of these products. Remind people that these well-known brands are proven to have longer life and better energy usage than your average second-rate battery. Choosing batteries that last longer are both better for their wallet and better for the environment. 

Considering your environmental impact doesn't have to result in a loss of sales. So, for a vast range of battery brands and all your battery needs, contact us here at House of Batteries. We're a top retail battery supplier that can deliver domestic batteries en masse.