Five top tips to make batteries last longer
Five top tips to make batteries last longer
Last Edited: 05/Dec/2016

When it comes to purchasing batteries to power devices, your customers want them to last as long as possible, making sure they aren't left powerless when they need it the most. Buying the best brands is a great place to start, but there are other ways to increase longevity. If you want to be able to go that extra mile and share some handy hints and tips with them, here are five to help you.

Buy rechargeable batteries

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people fail to consider rechargeable batteries. Nickel metal hydride options are the best choice, and can be recharged thousands of times before they need replacing. Stock them in-store to sell your customers a more long-lasting product. 

Use the right battery for the job

As a retailer, it pays to provide the best possible customer service, so try to brush up on the right sort of batteries for different jobs. Equipment such as a digital camera is exceptionally draining, so your customers will benefit from spending a little more and buying alkalines that have been specially designed for the role. 

Remove batteries when they’re not in use

Another easy tip to pass onto customers is to remove batteries when they’re not in use. A lot of people leave them inside seldom used festive decorations or outgrown toys, and where these are motion activated, they end up draining the battery for no good reason. 

Store them in the fridge in summer

Nickel metal hydride batteries don’t like to get too hot, but stored in a fridge, studies show that they retain nine tenths of their full charge, whereas at room temperature, they maintain only a fraction of this. Alkaline batteries are less affected, but their lifespan will still be extended by around five per cent when kept cool.

Use hand warmers to heat batteries in winter

The rules are different once the weather cools, and batteries that get too cold will drain faster than normal. The best way to prevent this is by keeping spares in your pocket alongside a small hand warmer. Those who enjoy outdoor photography will find this tip particularly helpful as it comes straight from the mouth of the professionals. 

Teach your customers how to make their batteries last longer with these five top tips. At House of Batteries, we have plenty more advice as a retail battery supplier - get in touch today.