Invest in specialist batteries over Christmas for a festive increase in profits
Invest in specialist batteries over Christmas for a festive increase in profits
Last Edited: 05/Dec/2016

If you run a business in the retail sector, you’ve probably already stocked up on general purpose batteries and rechargeable batteries in order to take advantage of the Christmas rush. However, you may not have considered investing in specialist batteries. As their name implies, specialist batteries are batteries that are designed for use with particular kinds of devices. For example, there are larger specialist batteries available for certain power tools and tiny specialist batteries for small, intricate devices that wouldn’t be able to accommodate AA or AAA batteries. If you haven’t considered stocking specialist batteries before, the Christmas season is the perfect time to start.

In the run-up to Christmas, many people will buy electronic, battery-operated presents for their loved ones. What’s more, many of these devices will require specialist batteries rather than general purpose batteries. Throughout the festive season, specialist battery sales receive the same boost that general purpose battery sales do.

Despite the festive increase in uptake, many retailers don’t bother to stock specialist batteries. Consequently, stocking them can give you a significant advantage over your competitors and enable you to attract large numbers of consumers to your business. Furthermore, the fact that specialist batteries are available from relatively few sources concentrates the market and draws consumers to the handful of businesses that stock them. This concentration of demand amplifies the increase in profits that you should receive over the festive season as a result of increased demand. Simply put, you’ll have a larger share of the market for specialist batteries than ordinary batteries, so a greater proportion of the extra demand will fall on your business. 

Clearly, stocking specialist batteries over Christmas can be extremely profitable. However, you may be worried about sourcing specialist batteries. Luckily, there’s no need for concern. Here at House of Batteries, we sell specialist batteries into the retail market alongside general purpose batteries. As one of the UK’s largest suppliers of wholesale batteries, we can meet all your battery-stocking needs with ease.

The holiday season is the ideal time of year to start stocking specialist batteries, so don’t miss this golden opportunity. Contact us today to discuss our prices and place your wholesale order.