Why stocking big brands for Christmas makes sense
Why stocking big brands for Christmas makes sense
Last Edited: 05/Dec/2016

With this year's must-have Christmas toys expected to be strong on robotics and electronics , and with Sony and Microsoft both releasing upgraded versions of the PlayStation and XBox, over 40% of consumer battery sales will happen over the Christmas period, with retailers expected to sell more than 13 million AA and AAAs at this time. There's strong seasonality in the sales of consumer electronics, and the festive period - which now encompasses both Black Friday and Consumer Monday at the end of November - is the peak retailing period.

It makes sense, therefore, to have adequate supplies of a range of batteries by buying in stock from a wholesale battery seller. But how can you persuade customers that big brands like Duracell and Energizer are a better investment for their consumer electronics than cheap supermarket brands?

Focus on lifespan

The claims that Duracell and Energizer make for the lifespan of their batteries, particularly when used with high drain electronics like children's toys, are accurate. These batteries significantly outperform cheaper own brands in independent consumer testing and are the sensible choice if children aren't going to be disappointed when their new robot stops working. In Which? consumer tests, some own brand batteries lasted a mere 66 minutes before giving up the ghost, with the big brands outperforming their counterparts by up to 3 hours.

Guaranteed authenticity

There has been consumer concern recently around the safety of batteries with reports of batteries exploding, leaking potentially harmful chemicals and destroying electronics. By choosing a big name brand, consumers are also buying authenticity via you, from trusted retail battery supplier House of Batteries. Big brand batteries are also unlikely to leak when flat, preventing the ruining of costly cameras and remote controls, so they make sense as an alternative to cheap, possibly counterfeit, batteries.

Customer advice

There are some simple hints and tips you can give consumers to help them get the best out of their batteries. Recommend that consumers always use new batteries in their new devices since mixing old and new can cause the new batteries to work harder, causing potential for leakage and damage. Storage is important, too: if consumers are stocking up for the after Christmas period, advise them to store their batteries in a cool, dark place.

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