Increase short-term sales of torches to increase long-term sales of batteries
Increase short-term sales of torches to increase long-term sales of batteries
Last Edited: 05/Dec/2016

Torches and flashlights are among the most common battery-powered household items. If you work in the retail sector, many of the general purpose batteries that you sell will be used in torches and flashlights. What’s more, if you can persuade more of your customers to invest in torches and other portable light sources, you can drastically increase your battery sales in the long-run. 

Thanks to our experience in selling wholesale batteries into the retail sector, we can provide you with advice on how to increase the uptake of battery-powered devices. 

Firstly, you should deploy in-store advertising that subtly emphasises how essential torches and flashlights can be. They can provide light during an emergency, help individuals to navigate in the dark or be deployed during power-cuts to illuminate the surrounding environment. You should position advertisements near your stock of batteries and near any light-giving products you may sell. This will help ensure that shoppers who are likely to be receptive to the adverts see them.

Secondly, you should consider placing your general purpose batteries and torches in the same isle of your retail store. Shoppers who are already buying batteries for their electronic devices may be receptive to the idea of buying another battery-powered device or stocking up on replacement batteries while there. That's why it’s worth positioning your essential light sources, such as torches, next to battery-powered household items such as TV remotes and decorative fairy lights.

Finally, it may be worth putting torches, flashlights and other light-giving products on sale for a short period of time. Sales and special offers can drastically increase uptake of a product, especially when it is undeniably useful or can be used in a variety of ways. Use specific events and seasons to help promote these as part of a bigger display. Torches come in especially useful for music festivals and camping trips as well as later in the year for trick or treating, bonfire events and in the event of vehicle breakdowns.

Increasing your customers’ uptake of torches and other light sources will help you sell greater quantities of batteries in the long run. After all, these devices are indispensable, can be used frequently and require fresh batteries on a regular basis. You might want to stock up on batteries before you start boosting your sales, though! Here at House of Batteries, we have years of experience as a retail battery supplier, so give us a call if you need to buy wholesale batteries.