Small but important: why watch batteries are worth stocking
Small but important: why watch batteries are worth stocking
Last Edited: 26/Oct/2016

They're tiny and they power everything from watches to hearing aids. We're talking watch batteries, or "button batteries" as the industry calls them. Stocking these tiny pieces of portable power could mean extra sales for you.

Just about everyone has a high-tech item lying around the home that's not working any more. Perhaps it's a quartz alarm clock that's lying forgotten at the bottom of a drawer, or a digital watch that's stopped. There's nothing magical about getting these working again. In almost all cases, it's just a matter of finding the right battery. 

A simple solution; a multitude of uses 

The average person might think this is a difficult task, when in fact it's far from it. Button batteries do come in a variety of sizes that might at first seem confusing, but they are made to an international standard that all leading brands observe.

Manufacturers tend to group a variety of sizes together in packages that we'd suggest are ideal for point of sale marketing. Originally manufactured for the first digital watches, button batteries are now used in a wide variety of applications, so your customers will have a wide range of needs.

Button batteries are needed for hearing aids, for instance. With a rapidly ageing population, this is an important market. How about offering an install service for simple items like clocks and those hearing aids to drive sales a little further?

Not only could this additional service bring you new customers, but a little time spent taking a look at their stopped clock and assessing which battery it needs gives you that word of mouth recommendation that no amount of marketing can buy.

A more necessary service than thought

There's more too. In cash-strapped times, more and more people are taking a look at those apparently broken items and working out if they can be repaired. Gone are the times when an alarm clock needs a specialist watchmaker. A simple unscrewing of the easily-accessed battery compartment will do the trick.

At House of Batteries, our experts are always here to advise you on our wide range of these button batteries and which ones can work best for your profits and your customers' needs.