Invest in batteries to take advantage of the winter rush
Invest in batteries to take advantage of the winter rush
Last Edited: 19/Oct/2016

It won't be long until the dark, cold winter months arrive - which is fantastic news for retailers who sell general purpose batteries! In fact, here at House of Batteries, we recommend that you stock up on wholesale batteries in time for winter because you are likely to sell large quantities. Consumers tend to buy very large numbers of batteries during the coldest part of the year. But why is this? There are several reasons, relating to both the natural conditions of the season and the festivals associated with it. 

1. Halloween and Christmas need batteries

Halloween and Christmas dominate and define the year’s colder seasons. Electronic Halloween decorations often require batteries. Meanwhile, Christmas gifts (particularly children’s toys) are often battery-operated. As a result, consumers buy more batteries in the run-up to these festivals. They may also buy more following Halloween and Christmas to replace the batteries that they used. If you stock up on batteries now, you can take advantage of this increase in demand.

2. Consumers want to light up the dark

Night comes earlier and lasts longer during autumn and winter than during the warmer part of the year. People who have to be out after nightfall (either for professional or personal reasons) will therefore need to use portable torches and other light-sources more frequently and for longer periods. As most portable light-sources are battery-operated, this means that they’ll need to stock up on batteries. Make sure your business can provide them by investing in wholesale batteries today.

3. Power cuts occur more frequently in winter

The harsh weather of winter can often cause power-cuts and many consumers are aware of this. Consequently, many of them choose to stock up on batteries in case the lights go out at home. Nobody wants to find themselves without an alternative source of electricity if a power-cut occurs. Your business can sell to well-prepared individuals, so it’s worth buying wholesale batteries ASAP.

House of Batteries is primarily a retail battery supplier, so we have an in-depth understanding of the battery market at the wholesale level and the consumer level. We believe that now is the perfect time to stock up on batteries if you operate a retail business; why not contact us and invest in batteries today?