Holiday season batteries: alkaline or rechargeable?
Holiday season batteries: alkaline or rechargeable?
Last Edited: 12/Oct/2016

Due to their long shelf life and the limited options for point of sale marketing material, batteries may look like they just sit by the cash register, waiting for the rush of seasonal customers. However, with sales of over 200 million AA batteries in the UK alone, and some three billion batteries sold annually in America, it is worth remembering that the dependable little AAA and AA batteries remain highly in demand. 

With their somewhat seasonal sales nature, now is the perfect time to be stocking up on AgfaPhoto, Philips and other brands. As earlier nights close in, buyers are buying batteries for their bike lights, torches for dog walks and for the occasional power cut that can afflict any area. Customers will also soon be cranking up the central heating, and looking for 9V batteries for their carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. 

People are also getting ready for Christmas, when both children and adults will be burning through the batteries supplied with their presents at a great rate of knots. They will also dig out digital cameras to take some decent family photos while many other living room festive novelties, kitchen gadgets and other devices will be dragged out for their annual appearance, and most will need a fresh set of batteries as well. 

Alkaline or rechargeable? 

All these consumer needs will help drive strong battery sales over the winter, and you need to be prepared for the rush. The one inevitable question you will get from buyers revolves around whether they should buy single-use alkaline batteries, rechargeables or lithium-ion types.

In most cases, alkaline batteries are the best option, lasting longer on their single charge and providing the most power for their price. However, for high power devices, like digital cameras, lithium-ion batteries are best. Finally, while rechargeables seem to offer a more environmentally friendly solution, they should not go in certain types of devices like smoke detectors, where the constant drain will run them down faster than a standard alkaline battery. Save these for on/off type devices such as game console controllers and remind users to keep a charged set spare for swapping over, to provide continued use of the gadget.