Help your customer to remember to buy batteries!
Help your customer to remember to buy batteries!
Last Edited: 27/Sep/2016

As you know, the best retail spaces are those that guide customers seamlessly around the merchandise. Expert positioning of complementary products together in one space can make a big difference to the overall shopping experience. For time-poor shoppers, well-positioned prompts for useful add-on items can be a welcome convenience. 

The ultimate complementary product has to be batteries - without them, some items will simply not work when a customer gets them home. Often a forgotten purchase, the battery is an essential item that needs your attention. To take advantage of this fantastic upselling opportunity, follow our advice and help your customers to remember the batteries! 

Point-of-sale display

If you can spare the space, batteries will always perform well at point-of-sale. They will be a useful reminder whilst customers are focusing on their purchase. The cashier could also ask if the customer requires batteries for purchases that need them. 

Effective product positioning

As the perfect add-on item, the distribution of batteries across a retail space keeps them front-of-mind. Any battery operated item will be well-served with the addition of the right battery options alongside. The customer is served with a helpful reminder and the perfect product match of AAA or AA saves them looking any further. A selection of brands will also provide a choice of price points. 

Battery recycling facility

Providing battery recycling is a great way to help customers to safely dispose of their batteries and attract repeat custom. As people return their batteries, they are likely to need to restock and your well-positioned displays can lead them to the right place. 

It is often the small things that mean a lot and the supply of batteries in the right place at the right time is sure to be appreciated by your customers. For the widest range of battery brands, look no further than House of Batteries; we are a reliable retail battery supplier ready to fulfil your volume requirements for domestic batteries.