The best general purpose longlife batteries: big brands
The best general purpose longlife batteries: big brands
Last Edited: 22/Sep/2016

Cheap, poor quality batteries are something of a false economy - buying wholesale batteries from an own brand or lesser known brand may seem like a great way to keep your business costs down, but in the long run it will cost you. The bigger names are - as they say - reassuringly expensive: while they by no means break the bank, your Philips and Duracell will cost a touch more. But they are worth it. 


Everyone knows Duracell and its notably energetic bunny mascot, and the campaign is probably the most iconic and successful in the history of its market. However, the brand's continued commitment to excellence in its field extends to its products too. Duracell have a range of excellent AA and AAA batteries that won't let you down. Its Plus Power line (40% more power than its standard range) is an excellent point to start, and its top end Ultra Power batteries are an excellent product; buying either of these in bulk as your AA and AAA stash is far more cost efficient than you might think.


From energetic rabbits to energetic battery mascots now, and a brand that seemingly simplified their advertising concept somewhat. However, simplicity is preferable with batteries (remember the in-built power meters of the 1990s?) and a bulk buy of Energizer Ultra Plus batteries is a great plan.


A brand that knows its electronics, Philips batteries are equally reliable. With a wide range of general purpose AAs and AAAs, including lithium and alkaline variants which offer up to seven times more power than their standard versions, their batteries remain at the forefront of reliable, durable electronics. 

Buying big brand general purpose batteries offers you a hassle-free alternative to the research and ranking that is involved in more obscure ones. There are perhaps better batteries available for more specialist use, but the big brands are popular for a reason: they've offered tried and tested solutions to businesses and the public for decades. Equip your stock room now with the best in big brand long-life batteries from House of Batteries - your retail battery supplier.