Major retailers unveil their top sellers for Christmas
Major retailers unveil their top sellers for Christmas
Last Edited: 08/Sep/2016

Now we are into autumn, the major retail outlets have highlighted what they think will be the top selling toys, gifts and gadgets this Christmas. This gives retailers plenty of notice to stock up on batteries and accessories for these hot sellers, to be ready to benefit for the inevitable demand come the winter selling season. 

For younger children, the Fisher-Price Code-A-Pillar has been recommended by both Amazon and Argos. It takes four AA batteries and helps them develop their problem solving skills. Slightly older children will also need four AA alkaline batteries for their new Furby Connect with the fluffy electronic creatures continuing to make a comeback after their early 90s heyday. Brave young explorers will also be keen to dive into the world of fun offered by the VTech Toot-Toot Gold Mine Set; it uses three AAA batteries and has a 32-piece track for all sorts of mining antics. 

Likely to be celebrating a second year of high popularity is the spherical Star Wars droid BB-8. It requires four AA batteries for the droid's body and two AAAs for the remote control, and given the amount of play time he rolled through last year, should see families go through quite a few sets. At the higher end of the junior robotic market comes WowWee Chip the Robot Dog, at just under £200. This little fellow is super cute and plays with his ball. The main robot uses an internal lithium polymer battery, but the call requires four AAA batteries to complete the experience. As if having family living room floors cluttered with robots wasn't enough, also expect plenty of sales of low cost flying drones, which will eat even more batteries. 

Naturally, regular gifts like all-in-one remotes, DSLR cameras, stereos, karaoke kits, remote control cars and many others will also provide a massive boost to battery sellers, as that first enthusiastic period of use runs the supplied ones down, or people come across the dreaded "batteries not included" sticker. All stores should be well stocked to meet the demand and keep supplying repeat customers as the battery-driven festive period rolls around again.