Three tips to see sales from new technology
Three tips to see sales from new technology
Last Edited: 02/Sep/2016

Over the last five years or so, every industry has seen a rise in wireless and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Everything from Bluetooth keyboards to smart fire detectors rely on batteries for power. 

It is a trend on an upward curve and therefore it's likely to have a positive impact on retail battery sales. So what elements do you need to understand to make the most out of this opportunity? 

End user

Whenever you are trying to understand a market, it is important to start with the end user. This is the person or public who is likely to use the product. With the new reliance on technology, end users are looking for reliable power, without prolonged downtime. 

Downtime to any end user, especially in a business environment, can lead to potential disaster. Therefore a retailer who can communicate the benefits of the product clearly to the end user will capitalise on this issue. 

Widen your view

So far, in the rise of smart technology, we have seen a diverse range of products come to market. The industry is yet to find a universal solution. Therefore, retailers must be prepared for devices to continue to evolve and not place all their eggs in one basket. 

By ensuring they stock a wide range of batteries, retailers can guarantee they meet the customer's requirements when they’re searching for their battery.

The customer is not always right

Most customers pick the first battery they see, without contemplating their requirements or the specifications of their device. However when the battery fails too soon, they’re likely to blame the product, rather than reconsidering their purchase decision. 

Therefore to ensure the customer finds the correct battery for their device, have good knowledge of your product to guide them to the right battery. During the purchase discuss the product with them and the exact requirements of their device. 

By following these three simple tips, retailers can make the most of the rise in smart devices and technology to increase sales.