Batteries can light up your Halloween
Batteries can light up your Halloween
Last Edited: 14/Dec/2016

Now that festival season is just about wrapped up, it’s time to turn your attention to the next big battery-guzzling event in order to make the most of wholesale batteries to maximise profits.

Halloween has long been popular with children and adults, and it’s a prime event when it comes to increasing your battery sales. October 31st marks one of the first social events on the calendar after the clocks go back – meaning dark nights. The celebrations usually involve plenty of battery powered items, so ensure you’ve got batteries stocked to power the following items:

Themed torches

You can expect to see torches galore on Halloween, as parents and their children go from door-to-door trick or treating with torches projecting pumpkin heads or ghostly figures. These torches are generally quite small and take AA batteries, although some will take larger D sized batteries.

LED costumes

They were huge in the States last year, and look set to take the UK by storm this Halloween. LED costumes are powered by three AA batteries and look amazing in the dark. As a cheap way to look great this Halloween, you can expect many people will be rocking LED’s – which means they’ll need a retail battery supplier to power them.

Battery powered tealights

As a flame-free alternative to candles, electric tealights are perfect for children’s parties. During Halloween there are always plenty of spooky-themed lights available to create a ghostly atmosphere perfect for apple bobbing or telling a horror story or two!

Light-up Jack O’ Lanterns

In the British climate we can expect wind and rain during All Hallows’ Eve, which isn’t conducive to walking around with a Jack O’ Lantern – unless it’s battery powered, of course. Light-up Jack O’ Lanterns are a convenient way of getting into the spirit of the evening without having to spend hours carving a pumpkin and constantly relighting it when the wind picks up.

Sound-activated Halloween props

Sending a shiver down the spines of trick-or-treaters is easy with sound activated figures and props. From witches that scream to ghosts that let out a groan, all of these props have one thing in common – they’re battery powered!