How to sell batteries during summer
How to sell batteries during summer
Last Edited: 01/Aug/2016

As a retailer, you may believe that you have to tolerate reduced battery sales during the summer months. After all, your customers are likely to spend less time indoors using electronic devices and more time outside enjoying the sunshine. However, the reality is that you don’t have to accept lower battery sales during periods of warm weather. In fact, the summer months can actually boost battery sales. You just need to know how to market your stock of batteries to take advantage of the clement weather, increased temperature, and bright sunshine. We’ve created some tips that will help you do this.

1. Stock hand-held electric fans and display them near your batteries

People need to keep cool during the summer, especially when they’re on the move. People’s lives don’t simply come to a halt because the temperature rises. As a result, many individuals choose to invest in portable, electric fans to help them cope with the demands of carrying out their daily routine in hot weather. Naturally, these fans require batteries. If you stock electric fans and display them near your batteries, consumers will buy both products in huge numbers. You don’t even have to carry out any marketing other than careful product placement - the heat of summer will practically sell your fans and batteries for you.

2. Associate batteries with outdoor activities

Many people use the summer months to go camping or to take long walks. However, these activities require more electrical equipment than you might realise. Campers need electric torches and lamps to help them see at night, for example; whereas experienced hikers are likely to carry electronic tracking and navigation devices to ensure they don’t get lost. Consequently, the marketing for your batteries should show them being used in these devices and other, similar pieces of apparatus. Associating your batteries with outdoor activities at the time of year when outdoor activities are most popular is guaranteed to drive up sales.

3. Focus on toys

Children love this time of year because they get to take a break from school for the summer holidays. Many of your customers may be parents who want to find ways to entertain their kids while they’re out of school. You can take advantage of this because so many of today’s children’s toys require batteries. If you use your marketing to remind parents of the necessity of batteries for their kids’ favourite toys, you’re bound to drive up battery sales during the summer months.

You can sell huge numbers of batteries during the summer, if you know how to market them. Here at House of Batteries, we recommend that you stock up on our wholesale batteries before you start following the tips we’ve provided in today’s blog entry, just so you don’t run out of stock.