Encourage home alarm checks to boost battery sales
Encourage home alarm checks to boost battery sales
Last Edited: 07/Jul/2016

At regular periods around the year, the government and fire brigades will run campaigns for people to test their fire alarms, CO2 detectors, flood monitors and other home safety appliances. If you notice any of these going on in your area, ensure you get the poster or information sheet up in your stores to encourage people to test their devices and perhaps pick up a fresh pack of batteries. 

In the summer, people are more likely to doze off at home with a lit cigarette, to have some candles going rather than the main lights, and to overload sockets with fans and other gadgets that can easily prove a fire hazard. Nine volt PP3 batteries are the most common type found in smoke alarms, and people don't like to replace them as often as they should, as these types tend to cost more than AA batteries. 

However, when reminded that the safety of their home is at stake, they are more likely to test that their detectors still work and to pick up a fresh set of batteries when they need replacing. 

In England, CO2 and smoke detectors are now mandatory in rented accommodation on all floors and main rooms. Putting up a reminder of this information might also help local renters check that their landlords are following the rules, and encourage them to test the devices and check their batteries. Many people move into a rented property and assume the boxes on the ceiling are live and working, only to find that the previous tenant took the batteries with them. 

With a little local information, you can help boost your battery sales, and get to work in partnership with the local fire brigade. Of course, there's nothing to stop you selling replacement smoke and CO2 detectors, as these products have limited lifespans and many people may find during their checks that the device is no longer fit for purpose.

Helping boost your battery sales and perhaps saving a life this summer are two very good reasons to get involved in any campaigns that are going on in your area.