Rise of the drones means a rise in battery sales
Rise of the drones means a rise in battery sales
Last Edited: 23/Jun/2016

Head down to your local park on a summer's day, and you'll notice that one corner will be home to a cluster of drones. Both kids and parents will have their Quad Copters, Millennium Falcons, Syma X5SW, Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt drone and other buzzing little ships whizzing around the skies. While the more expensive models run on built-in lithium ion batteries, plenty of models use AA batteries in either the drone or the remote control, and these gizmos are huge sellers for birthdays. 

People are flying them for pleasure, children are having mock battles or racing them, while adults use them to take video footage of their local area via the camera equipped models. Local clubs are springing up so people can learn to fly drones - they are a little tricky to learn - and to share knowledge about them. In the good weather they will be chewing through batteries, the typical drone can run for four to six hours. So make sure you have plenty of alkaline AA batteries ready to cater to local users, but be prepared to upsell to rechargeable batteries as these can help children stretch out their money. Perhaps, if they are in a club, even offer a discount to other members to capture their repeat business. 

With drones selling from around £30 up to the many hundreds, there is a massive market for these products. If there is plenty of drone activity in your area, be sure your stores are appealing to that market, by stocking not only batteries, but cheap spares for common drone models, like the replacement plastic rotor blades, foam frames and skins that are part of lower-cost models, or choosing to stock the replacement dedicated Li-ion batteries along with your regular stocks of AA and AAA batteries. 

Whatever products you need, as a retail battery supplier, we have the wholesale battery supplies to keep your stores stocked for whatever types of customer you attract. Now summer is here, there are plenty of other outdoor gadgets that will need batteries, from portable fans to emergency phone chargers, so make sure you have plenty of stock.