Batteries: a festival essential
Batteries: a festival essential
Last Edited: 14/Dec/2016

British summer time is officially here, which means festival time is upon us. With over 1,000 festivals taking place in the UK over the next four months, including Glastonbury, Kendal Calling, Reading, Leeds, V Festival and much, much more, now is the time to think about how your business can market to festival-goers looking to pick up those much-needed essentials to make spending a weekend in a muddy field that little bit easier.

Whether you’re a retail battery supplier, running an ecommerce site or actually intending on making a profit via wholesale batteries on the festival site itself, one thing’s for certain: batteries are a must-have for any camping trip, and here’s why:

Battery powered torches are a must-have at festivals

After the music has finished for the evening, it can be difficult to make it back to the tent without tripping on at least half a dozen guy ropes (much to the annoyance of fellow campers). Furthermore, night-time trips in the dark to the campsite toilet or portaloos can be a mammoth task without enough light – this is where AA and AAA-powered torches come in. Most festival attendees will require batteries for a torch at some point over the weekend. Larger battery powered lights are also popular amongst those wanting to party in their gazebos in the early hours, too – which means larger, more high-powered batteries are in demand.

Music has a place on the campsite, too

Battery powered Bluetooth speaker systems enable festival goers to continue the party on the campsite by cranking out the tunes wherever and whenever they want. Keep your campsite mobile DJs happy by offering them batteries at a discount price, and watch your profits soar.

Battery powered cameras are commonplace at UK festivals

Although smartphones are a convenient means of taking photographs on the fly, it’s a simple fact that most people don’t want to risk damaging or losing their prized £600 device in amongst the mud, sweat and beers of the festival arena. Many festival-goers opt for cheap battery powered cameras as a means of preserving those memories.