Marketing batteries towards youthful demographics
Marketing batteries towards youthful demographics
Last Edited: 07/Jun/2016

General purpose batteries and rechargeable batteries tend to be marketed more towards mature demographics because they are seen as functional, day-to-day items. Of course, televised battery adverts occasionally use animation or mascots. However, the real focus of the advertising is always on the dry, functional aspects of the product (such as how long each brand of battery lasts). But is this the right way to increase sales of batteries? As a retailer, you may wish to focus the in-store marketing of your batteries on more youthful, carefree demographics. Here at House of Batteries, we’re experts on battery usage and we believe that it’s worth thinking about younger people when marketing your batteries. 

An enormous spectrum of day-to-day items require general purpose batteries. It is true that some of these items are most frequently used by mature demographics (such as power tools). However, a huge number of other battery-operated devices are recreational and are therefore likely to appeal to more youthful electronic enthusiasts. Some current-generation game console controllers use general purpose batteries, for example. Similarly, many remote-controlled devices and toys are completely dependent on batteries. Even battery-operated TV remotes are indispensable to teenagers and young adults, who stream many online services through their television sets.

It’s also worth noting that younger demographics are often more willing to spend money on recreational products and activities than their more mature counterparts. As batteries are essential for many of these products, targeting your in-store marketing towards these more youthful groups can yield significant profits.

But how can you orient your battery marketing efforts towards these demographics? You may wish to try positioning your batteries near any electronic entertainment products that you sell. You can also use print-outs and other forms of advertising to remind your customers of the many youth-oriented products that batteries are used in.

At House of Batteries, we believe that marketing your batteries towards younger generations can be a highly successful business strategy. Of course, as one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of wholesale batteries, we’re happy to provide you with batteries to sell to any demographic!