5 reasons why people buy batteries, and how your business could benefit
5 reasons why people buy batteries, and how your business could benefit
Last Edited: 14/Dec/2016

As an item that many people consider a necessity, it makes sense for almost every retailer to stock batteries because there will always be someone who needs them. Buying batteries in bulk will ensure you have ample stock available at all times, and that your customers are never left disappointed. Here are five reasons why people buy batteries, and how your business could benefit by stocking them.

1. There is a big demand 

We live in a world where a growing number of everyday items rely on a portable power source, from music players and remote controls to alarms, kitchen items and children’s toys. Stocking batteries means your business can take advantage of the fact that all of these electronic devices will eventually run out of power, time and time again.

2. Some customers would rather not buy batteries every time a device runs out of power.

By stocking rechargeable batteries as well, you are tapping into another portion of the market.

3. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms require batteries.

Since these items are found in every household, your retail establishment could benefit considerably from all of the local homes that need protection. 

4. Batteries are useful in emergencies

Batteries can be beneficial for operating torches, radios and other equipment in emergency situations such as power cuts or floods, so by stocking them, your customers will know exactly where to go when disaster strikes.

5. At certain times of the year there is a peak in demand for batteries.

At Christmas, toys and gifts are often received without the batteries included, and at the end of summer, students leave for university armed with several battery operated devices. Buying batteries in bulk for your store will ensure you can meet any surges in demand.

For cost effectiveness, fast service and choice, a retail battery supplier is likely to be your best option. By using a UK-based wholesaler, you can maximise your profits while being safe in the knowledge that quality standards are met and your customers will always be satisfied.