Wholesale battery sales could spike after emergency mobile phone launch
Wholesale battery sales could spike after emergency mobile phone launch
Last Edited: 24/May/2016

For many parents that give into their children's demand for a mobile phone, security is the main motive. We are happy to allow our children all the games, apps and social media chatting they like, as long as we know where they are and can contact them at any time.

That's why sales of wholesale batteries look set to be increased after the release of the innovative new SpareOne mobile phone. It is powered only by AA batteries, which are recognised to be the world's most used battery. The SpareOne doesn't claim to come with all the gadgetry we have come to associate with the average smartphone. But it does easily trump them in one area - battery life. No longer will children have the excuse that "my battery ran out", as the SpareOne is a basic handset that can stay powered up for years and years - 15 to be exact! 

With no display, no text messaging and a phone book that carries only ten contacts, the SpareOne is not designed for fun, but rather as a fail safe device that is perfect for emergencies, trips into the countryside, or areas where power outages can be common. It even has the look of something that would be used by the emergency services, with a first aid style cross on the keypad giving it the appearance of a device which is used in times of distress. 

While text messages can't be written using the SpareOne, it does allow the sending of emergency texts to five contacts at the hit of a button, telling them an exact location. If that doesn't make the owner feel secure enough, it is also glow in the dark, and capable of sending out a panic siren should they be in a spot of bother. 

A 2G GSM model is now available, which requires only one AA battery, in the UK exclusively. According to a recent review in Men's Journal: “Right out of the box, it can make emergency calls... Sure, it doesn’t have Angry Birds, but it might save your life."