How to market batteries on a budget
How to market batteries on a budget
Last Edited: 05/May/2016

In our blog entry entitled ‘A short guide to selling batteries’, we discussed the best ways to ensure that customers in your store choose to purchase your batteries. But how can you make consumers aware that you sell batteries in the first place, and how can you make the purchase seem enticing? In other words, how can you advertise your batteries effectively? 

If you operate a retail business, batteries probably only account for a small percentage of your products, so it can be hard to find a place for them in your marketing budget. Nonetheless, it’s important to make consumers aware of your commitment to selling general purpose batteries. Luckily, here at House of Batteries, we specialise in selling wholesale batteries to retailers, so we understand both battery marketing and the retail market sector intuitively. Consequently, we can offer you a number of helpful hints for advertising your batteries.

1. Integrate batteries into general adverts for your business

If you have a limited marketing budget, it may not make sense to devote an entire advert to batteries. However, you can use images of batteries (along with the other products that you sell) in adverts for your business itself. This is effective regardless of whether you’re delivering your content as a web advert, a television commercial or an advert in a local newspaper; simply showing consumers an image of your batteries is enough to make them aware that you sell them. Associating them with your other products by displaying them in the same advert also subtly suggests that buying batteries from you is convenient. After all, customers can simply pick up their batteries when they visit you to purchase other products.

2. Leverage word-of-mouth advertising by offering a sale

The best form of marketing for any product is positive buzz generated by customers. If you have just started stocking batteries, you may wish to offer a sale on them in-store. Consumers who enter your store are likely to tell others about the sale, thereby spreading the news that your business has started selling batteries and that there is a compelling reason to buy from you.

3. Don’t be afraid to use posters or banners

While you may not wish to spend large amounts of capital on advertising your batteries on television, online or in printed publications, there’s no reason you can’t market them using posters and in-store banners. You may be surprised by how much attention these low-cost forms of advertising can generate. 

Here at House of Batteries, we understand that retailers often need to manage their budget carefully. Following the tips we have provided in today’s blog entry will help you market your batteries in the most cost-effective way possible.