Spring bank holidays will drive battery sales for gadgets
Spring bank holidays will drive battery sales for gadgets
Last Edited: 03/May/2016

Whatever the weather, Brits will soon be heading out in numbers to enjoy a day trip or a longer break. While many of their smart gadgets are powered by internal cells these days, warmer weather sees plenty of older gadgets dug out of the cupboard that will need plenty of traditional batteries. 

First out will be those funny little portable fans to keep people cool on the bus, on the train, at the beach or in any other warm place. These valuable little cooling aids eat plenty of AA batteries and sales will be booming as the sun shows its face. 

Older people will also be digging out their portable radios to listen to the cricket, Radio 3 or their choice of music in the allotment or down the local park or further afield. A constant supply of AAs, C cells or 9V batteries will be needed to keep these running over the summer. Showing a resurgence among younger outdoor types are stereos and speaker systems. While the days of kids being weighed down by eight D-cells in their boom boxes might be over, smaller portable devices are increasingly popular.

Even if kids aren't lugging around big stereos, some models of Bluetooth speaker that they can stream music to from their smartphones run on regular AA batteries, so there will remain huge demand for these cells, even in the smart technology era. That's especially true for those going on longer distance trips, out into the countryside where there is nowhere to recharge devices with internal batteries. In a similar vein, one of the most popular accessories are portable battery chargers for phones, which typically take AA batteries; these are ideal for people heading off the grid - they can keep their smartphone charged for GPS navigation without a mains lead in sight.

All of these, and similar, devices will help boost battery sales over the spring bank holidays and into the summer. So, ensure your store or chain has an adequate stock of all the popular brand batteries, and budget cells for the discerning customer. We sell in bulk so you won't run out when the crowds come flocking.