Why general purpose batteries will never be obsolete
Why general purpose batteries will never be obsolete
Last Edited: 19/Apr/2016

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, devices with built-in, rechargeable batteries have become more and more commonplace since the dawn of the 21st century. However, devices ranging from children’s toys to TV remotes still use good old-fashioned general purpose batteries. It may be tempting to believe that even these day-to-day devices will eventually start using internal, sealed power-supplies, but here at House of Batteries, we don’t believe that this is the case. In fact, we’re 100% confident that general purpose batteries will never become obsolete. But why is this? There are three key reasons the public will always need general purpose batteries, regardless of how rapidly technology advances.

1. Convenience

Popping in a couple of AA batteries is usually more convenient than plugging a device in to charge. Many rechargeable devices need to be charged overnight, which can be problematic if you need to use the device immediately. While people are perfectly happy to wait for their phones and portable computers to charge during the evening, nobody really wants to have to plug their TV remote in before they can even change the channel. There are certain devices that people expect to be able to use as soon as they pick them up. It makes more sense for these devices to run on general purpose batteries than sealed, rechargeable power supplies.

2. Longevity

As anyone who’s ever owned a portable music player or tablet computer will attest, sealed rechargeable batteries eventually wear out; they simply stop holding their charge as long. For devices that users intend to keep for years, it is more sensible to use general purpose batteries as a power source than sealed units.

3. Portability

If a device’s owner is on the move, they may not have access to a plug socket where they can recharge their devices. Some portable devices will always use general purpose batteries simply because they can be replaced while the user is out and about.

Here at House of Batteries, we specialise in selling wholesale batteries to the retail sector. So we understand the way in which ordinary people use them. We can promise you that general purpose batteries will be a common sight for decades to come.