You don't need to be a retailer to invest in wholesale batteries
You don't need to be a retailer to invest in wholesale batteries
Last Edited: 18/Mar/2016


As one of the largest battery wholesalers in the UK, we at House of Batteries mostly sell our products to businesses in the retail sector. However, you don’t have to run your own retail business to invest in wholesale batteries. If you need a large quantity of batteries for any reason, it may make sense to buy them in bulk from us, instead of purchasing them in smaller packages from non-wholesale suppliers. But who, exactly, can benefit from buying their batteries from wholesalers? There are actually several key groups of individuals. Do you belong to any of them?

1. Researchers and academics

Many researchers and academics have to carry out ‘field research’, away from their universities or labs. What’s more, they sometimes have to use portable equipment. Obviously, the most advanced pieces of equipment used by scientific researchers have their own specialist power supplies. However, many simpler pieces of equipment run on good old-fashioned general purpose batteries. Are you part of a large academic team that needs to power its electronic devices for taking precise measurements or just torches for carrying out night-time research? If so, why not stock up on batteries from a wholesale supplier like us? You’re bound to get through a lot of them!

2. Office managers

If you’re in charge of running a large corporate office, you may be surprised by how many batteries you use. You probably get through more than you realise! If your office contains several hundred employees, they probably use enough battery-powered electronic devices to render buying your batteries wholesale worthwhile. Even wireless mouse devices and keyboards use up an enormous number of batteries in an office environment where they are constantly in use.

3. Large-scale construction businesses

Construction companies with large numbers of employees and a heavy workload need to use a vast quantity of power tools to carry out their work. Many of these are powered by general purpose batteries, such as the ones we sell. If you’re in charge of a large-scale construction company, don’t waste money on buying packs of batteries for each power tool that requires: stock up batteries from a wholesale supplier like us and save yourself a fortune!

If you fit into any of the above categories, you may wish to consider starting to buy batteries from a wholesale supplier. As one of the UK’s leading battery sellers, we believe that we might be the perfect supplier for you.