Why wholesale battery purchases are the right choice for your school
Why wholesale battery purchases are the right choice for your school
Last Edited: 01/Mar/2016

There are many reasons a school in the 21st century still needs batteries - and a lot of them! There's nothing worse than getting ready to do a fun activity with a class, only to discover that the batteries are dead. A wholesale battery purchase could ensure that your school has enough AA, AAA, and other batteries to last a while, without breaking the bank. Here are a few places that a big stock of batteries will come in handy in your school.

1. Remote controls

Remote controls aren't just for TVs any more. Modern schools are making increasing use of modern technology, whether that's HD projectors or even smart boards. These usually come with remote controls, and running out of batteries can put an instant stop to a lesson. Sometimes even the pens for the smart boards need a couple of AAs to keep writing! There are other simple classroom devices that require batteries, such as small portable desk fans and laser pointers. Don't embarrass your teachers by leaving them to hunt for batteries or take old ones from one device to power another - make sure they have a ready supply to replenish their devices and keep their classroom running smoothly.

2. Science experiments

As any secondary school physics pupil will tell you, electricity can be fun. But as any headteacher or safety officer will tell you, it can be dangerous, too! Domestic-type batteries can provide a safe way to have fun and learn about electricity using a variety of different battery-powered devices, without having to let kids mess around with dangerous mains electricity.

3. Design & technology

Batteries also give kids a chance to get creative with designing new toys and devices with simple electronic components. Any good design and technology department needs a well stocked supply of batteries to give kids the maximum opportunity to see their designs come to life! Simple domestic batteries can power actuators and other electronic supplies, even giving your pupils the opportunity to make, build, and power small robots - guaranteed to capture their imagination and focus!