Traditional batteries are part of the energy revolution
Traditional batteries are part of the energy revolution
Last Edited: 15/Feb/2016

The world is changing. Oil prices are fluctuating wildly. Climate change is showing real effects on people and animals across the globe. And technology companies are clamouring to get in on the ground floor of the energy revolution. But amid all the clamour, a potentially vital aspect of the energy revolution is ticking along, reliably as it always has done, powering our flashlights and our children's toys: traditional domestic batteries, like our old friends the AAs and AAAs. These batteries are reliable, affordable, portable, and, vitally, independent from the traditional energy grid.

There is more and more uncertainty in the energy world, with traditional grid energy sources being affected by global current events and by ever changing oil prices. People in their homes want the security that when things go wrong with the electric grid, they won't be left in the dark. Batteries are a great source of security and peace of mind.

They are also affordable - they do not depend on the ever growing prices of energy from the big energy companies. Buying wholesale batteries is even more economical, and it allows shops to stock up so that when there is an urgent need for power after other sources have become unavailable, batteries can come to the rescue for many families in no time.

The portability of domestic batteries has been valued by families, individuals, and businesses for decades. From the GameBoys of the 1990s to the modern journalist or academic carrying a battery-powered device to record interviews on, they allow anybody to take a safe and reliable source of electricity in their pocket. And unlike USB-charged devices, it is easy and simple to have a back up in case your batteries run out - just carry a couple of spare batteries in your pocket, and you can swap them out as soon as needed for more hours or days of device usage.

Overall, batteries, especially battery wholesale purchases, are more relevant and important than ever in the modern world, and will continue to form a vital part of the energy revolution in the 21st century. Don't be left in the dark!