How much should your business invest in rechargeable batteries?
How much should your business invest in rechargeable batteries?
Last Edited: 25/Jan/2016

Here at House of Batteries, we sell a huge variety of different batteries, including rechargeable ones. But does your business need to invest more in rechargeable batteries, or is it wiser to focus on selling non-rechargeable, general purpose batteries? As an experienced retail battery supplier, we like to think we have a highly developed understanding of the battery market. That’s why we’d like to use this blog post to help you decide how much your retail business should be investing in rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable batteries can, of course, be used in the same devices as ordinary batteries. The only difference is that they can be recharged and reused multiple times, thereby saving the user a significant amount of money in the long run. You might therefore assume that they’d be a very popular choice with consumers and that your business could turn a significant profit by offering more of them for sale.

However, there is one significant obstacle that deters many consumers from purchasing rechargeable batteries: they cost more upfront. Although consumers can save money on rechargeable batteries in the long run, they represent a larger investment at the point of purchase, which can deter customers who feel they need to focus on saving money on their immediate purchases. So rechargeable batteries remain less popular than general purpose batteries.

Nonetheless, rechargeable batteries do appeal to consumers who have enough disposable income in the form of liquid capital to make the investment in them. While they are not used as ubiquitously as general purpose batteries, they do fill an important niche in the market.

If your business currently only sells general use batteries, it is definitely worth investing in rechargeable batteries in order to appeal to a part of the market that your business does not already serve. However, it’s important not to over-invest in rechargeable batteries. Whether your business sells both types of battery already or currently only sells general purpose batteries, you should remember that general purpose batteries are more popular and (of course) generate more repeat custom. We therefore recommend focusing most of your investment on general purpose batteries but also buying a smaller number of rechargeable ones for retail purposes.