Faster, longer, harder, stronger
Faster, longer, harder, stronger
Last Edited: 11/Jan/2016

Cameras and battery-operated toys are a popular gift at Christmas and while well-meaning relatives will often pick up some batteries to go with them, they’re often woefully underpowered. Today’s devices suck power and they need a stronger battery, like the AgfaPhoto range, to cope with the demand, so you can expect to see a rush on them in the post-Christmas period.

AgfaPhoto AA and AAA batteries come in two distinct strengths. The Zinc batteries will get your customer through the day, but for serious photographers or power hungry toys then the Alkaline Platinum line will last up to seven times longer than traditional alkaline batteries and satisfy a power hungry flash and zoom lens.

These batteries are a cost-effective alternative to other major suppliers and come with more than enough power to cope with demanding applications like cameras, games and toys. For a retail battery supplier, they are a perfect fit.

Some cameras will require the lithium coin batteries and even if the customer isn’t shopping for a camera at all, but wants to keep their smoke detector or remote control car running, some people prefer the extra peace of mind that goes with a high-capacity, long-lasting battery.

Of course some people will want the next level and if they use their device regularly, or have environmental concerns about disposing of batteries, then they will need a rechargeable solution. AgfaPhoto offers an elegant plug-in charger that comes with four batteries that are rated for 1,000 charges. Heavy users, or those with a multitude of devices, will be relieved to see you can buy packs of four batteries separately, so there is no need to purchase multiple chargers.

Agfa made its name with photographic film when it was still relevant and film production was one of the most technical advanced applications of the time. Now it produces a consumer-grade line of digital cameras, so the company knows all about the unique demands a camera can place on a battery and it makes the AgfaPhoto line accordingly. They are strong, long-lasting and can cope with anything the consumer can throw at them.

Get your order in for AgfaPhoto batteries now and have the answer ready when your customers come looking for something a little stronger.