Avoid common issues
Avoid common issues
Last Edited: 14/Dec/2016

Everyone’s seen it – you grab your battery powered gadget from the drawer, only to find it’s not working. You open it up to check the batteries, and there’s the tell-tale white gunk of a corroded battery. The proper name for the gunk is potassium carbonate, and it tends to leak out on the negative terminal of the battery, because the positive end is actually vented. 

To help prevent this, you should buy batteries from premium brands such as Philips and AgfaPhoto. They are packaged correctly to maintain safety and quality standards, and they last a very long time in your device.

What is battery corrosion?

Whether you’re using it or not, a battery installed in a device is discharging. The chemical reaction which gives power to your gadget is still happening, and a by-product of this is hydrogen gas. If you’re using the battery, it’s discharging normally, and the hydrogen’s not a problem. However, if it’s just sitting there, the gas builds up and forces its way out through the seals at the end of the battery.

How do we stop it?

The easiest option is simply to take the battery out of the device when it’s not in use. Store your battery away on a shelf, ideally somewhere cool. This will slow down the chemical reaction and preserve the life of your battery. 

Leaving the battery in the gadget allows it to slowly discharge first of all its energy, and then the hydrogen gas. 

When you buy your battery, much like when you buy your food, check its expiry date. They do have them! It’s calculated on the basis of the likely length of the chemical reaction inside the battery unit. Using a battery after its Best Before date is a bit like trying to spend £10 when you only have £5. Half of it has gone, and you can’t get it back. As a responsible supplier we work with our retail partners to provide customers with fresh stock that they can keep at home until needed.

You may not realise it, but there are different types of battery. Each type has its own chemical reaction going on, with its own chemical ingredients, or recipe. Trying to use two different types of battery would be like trying to speak two different languages at once. Never mix batteries of different types.

It has been known for people to try to recharge disposable batteries. While it may seem like the batteries get a little extra power, all you’re doing is destabilising the chemicals inside, and asking for trouble. Safety always comes first. We have a wide range of rechargeables at very reasonable prices.

Always be responsible with with batteries – do not use old or corroded batteries. Look out for reputable brands such as Philips or AgfaPhoto, as all of these batteries have passed stringent testing.