Battery safety in toys - we take it seriously
Battery safety in toys - we take it seriously
Last Edited: 14/Dec/2016

For children, Christmas is all about getting new toys, but in order to avoid any disappointment, any savvy parent will need to ensure they have a supply of batteries in the house to enable those new toys to light up, make noise or move about.

In the midst of present unwrapping, and sipping on the odd glass of sherry, it is easy to leave children unattended with batteries nearby, but it pays to be battery-safe this Christmas, in order to avoid any mishaps.

An increasing number of toys now require the small, button type of batteries, which, for youngsters, may resemble shiny sweets. If children get their hands on these batteries and put them in their mouth, they may swallow them and choke. Make sure you always keep any batteries in a safe place, high up in a cupboard, out of reach of children. 

With many toys requiring a screwdriver to open the battery box, make sure you don't leave screwdrivers lying around, either. When closing a battery box up with a screwdriver, ensure it is securely fastened. Bear in mind, that when a toy does require batteries, the toy should be secured by a screw, to keep the batteries safely inside. Make sure you only buy toys from a reputable retailer that adheres to these tips.

Some toys may already come with a battery fitted. It is worth opening the battery cover to make sure the battery is okay, as this may affect the functioning of the toy. Crucially, if a battery leaks make sure you replace it immediately. Make sure you always carefully dispose of any used batteries in a green way, and always buy your batteries from a reputable supplier such as House of Batteries. We go to great leangths to ensure that all of our stock meets the highest quality standards and we work closely with manufacturers around the world to source batteries that run without issue. Choose good-quality batteries such as Philips or AgafaPhoto, as they are less prone to issues. A specialist battery retailer such as House of Batteries will always be able to advise you on the best options.

With the right kind of batteries, from a responsible supplier such as House of Batteries, and a watchful eye, there is no reason why your customers' children can't enjoy their new noisy toys this Christmas :)