Sell more batteries with special offers and pricing deals
Sell more batteries with special offers and pricing deals
Last Edited: 05/Oct/2017

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about maximising your sales of domestic batteries. Special offers and pricing deals are a very effective way of driving sales and maximising point of sale displays.

Package or bundle stock

Packaging or bundling encourages customers to pick up more stock in order to gain the reward of discounted pricing. For example, you could make up a bundle that includes a free or discounted pack of AA batteries with every two packs of AAA batteries that they buy.

Quantity discounts

You can increase sales by using the BOGOF (buy one, get one free) model or by offering a percentage discount when customers purchase a set number of items. In addition, when your supplier offers wholesale discounts, you can reflect this in your retail pricing by incorporating quantity discounts into your seasonal marketing strategy.

Value added offers

If you don’t want to offer discount prices or give away free batteries, you may want to consider offering your customers value added offers. Although these are free of cost, they are a good way of encouraging customers to buy more products. For example, you could provide purchasers of phone batteries with a guide on how to prolong their battery life or offer to change watch batteries for free when people buy one.

Seasonal or periodic discounts

In a quest to save money, many people now buy seasonal goods out of season and stock-up for next year. An increasing trend among retailers is to sell festive goods at a discount prior to the Christmas period. You can capitalise on this by offering deals on batteries and the seasonal products they power ahead of Christmas to drive sales.

Benefits of discounting

In addition to increased sales and a healthier bottom line, there are other discounting benefits including:

• Increasing sales without the expense of a large marketing campaign
• Encouraging your customers to buy more batteries, especially if you limit the time the discount or deal is available.
• Using discounts on batteries to help sell last year’s stock of Christmas lights and other seasonal goods

You can help to drive sales of batteries in your store by using the above discounting tips in the run up to the festive season.