Maximising impulse battery sales
Maximising impulse battery sales
Last Edited: 05/Oct/2017

Batteries, like postage stamps and light bulbs, are bought as and when needed by the majority of customers. Other, more organised shoppers, like to stock up and buy multipacks of batteries when their domestic stock runs low. Both of these types of shoppers make occasional impulse battery purchases - but only when they are presented with them at just the right time and at just the right price. Read on to find out how to maximise impulse battery sales in your retail premises. 

Battery store positioning

You'll only make impulse sales of batteries if they are placed in the right location in your shop. For most retailers this will be right by the till or checkout area. Online retailers, however, will need to have batteries placed on the webshop home page OR as a reminder during check out. i.e. 'Have you remembered your batteries?' 

Battery price promotion

If you are thinking of running a price promotion on your batteries then be sure to alert customers to this fact and to move the battery stand if necessary. Those heading to the stand anyway will not be swayed by a price promotion; these promotions are more likely to have an effect on impulse battery purchasers. Ideally, combine these two elements and place promotional batteries close to the till and with sufficient signage to alert customers.

Seasonal impulse battery shopping

With Christmas approaching, early impulse battery purchases are possible by those stocking up ahead of the main festive shopping period. Placing batteries near similar functional festive items such as tape, cards, wrapping paper and decorations can help maximise impulse purchases. This is true of any seasonal shopping period. For example in early summer, they can be sold alongside torches and camping gear. 

Whether you're selling online or in store, batteries needn't only be sold when customers need them. All shoppers know that soon enough they will require batteries, even if their current domestic stock level is good. It's wise to position batteries, especially those in promotional multipacks, in a good line of sight as this is vital to making impulse sales.