Christmas lights - a great chance to sell more batteries
Christmas lights - a great chance to sell more batteries
Last Edited: 05/Oct/2017

As Christmas approaches more people are looking for a safe and low cost way to decorate their home this year. As an increasing number of people move away from lights which need to be plugged in, there is a great opportunity to boost your battery sales. 

Increased flexibility

There is a vast range of battery powered lights available which allow increased flexibility for decorating. To entice customers into your store, why not create a visual display from battery powered lights? Not only will they appeal to adults, children will love them too. This will give you a great chance to sell your AA and AAA batteries and will also provide a great promotional tool.

There are a variety of Christmas lights available, and if your customer has LED lights, they will use very little battery power. The old style lights need around 16 times more batteries to keep them alight through Christmas. If your customer already has their lights, by taking the time to talk to them you will be able to advise on the amount of batteries they need. As a rough guide, 2 x AA batteries will provide enough power for 4 hours of LED lights, but only 15 minutes for old style lights - this is based on a string of 20 bulbs. 

Most sets of Christmas lights will hold 2 or 3 AA batteries. It is likely that customers will want a continuous supply, so their lights do not run out during the festivities. A customer may require two lots of rechargeable batteries, and this should be sufficient to ensure there is always a spare set to hand. 

Convert lights to battery power

For many families, a set of Christmas decorations is an heirloom kept for many years, and lights are no exception. If the customer still has a mains plug-in string of lights, it is simple to convert them to battery power. There are many useful guides available online to help your customer complete this 10 minute job. This is a great chance for you to supply some long-lasting batteries. 

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