Sell more batteries with strategic planning
Sell more batteries with strategic planning
Last Edited: 05/Oct/2017

Walk into any shop these days, and you'll find yourself bombarded with offers, point of sale campaigns, a rainbow of vibrant colours and more products than you can count. Over the years, big brand business has worked hard not only on the quality and consistency of their products but also the psychology behind selling these products to their average consumer. Batteries are no different - and with so many products requiring batteries from the start, being clever with the way you position and sell your stock can make a huge difference to your sales.

Here are some easy, quick and impactful methods you can use increase your battery sales with just a little bit of thought and a touch of consumer psychology:

No effort, more purchase

More and more shoppers every day buy into the notion of the 'no effort shop'. Though there will always be consumers who make strict lists and stick to them, there are many more who are willing to purchase something that attracts their eye and is easy to add to their basket. Positioning your batteries in strategic places - such as by toys, gadgets or machinery that will require any kind of batteries - will enable those extra items to slip into your customer's shopping with barely any additional effort, compared with trying to track down a particular 'batteries' section of your store.

Customer journey

Think about your customer's journey through your shop and map this out accordingly. For bigger shops, shoppers are much more likely to browse or shop in rows, going up and down each aisle to find what they need. Position your add-on merchandise - such as batteries - after electronics products, or in a particularly popular location, as well as down the 'seasonal' aisle, which is ideal for jogging your customers' memory for their current uses and needs, and for encouraging a 'buying just in case' mentality.

Essential, not convenience

Batteries are an essential - after all, your TV remote, camera or game controller can't function without them! Market your batteries as a requirement rather than a might-need, and you'll find shoppers are a lot more keen to pick them up. Offering bundle packs with battery-run products or a reduced price when purchased with a toy encourages customers to buy in bulk.

If you're looking for a great seller for wholesale batteries, you've come to the right place.