Top sellers this Christmas will use plenty of batteries
Top sellers this Christmas will use plenty of batteries
Last Edited: 05/Oct/2017

Retailers should already be thinking about their seasonal stocks, and the good news is that children's toys will be consuming plenty of batteries over the festive period. The major toy outlets have listed their soon-to-be-huge sellers for Christmas, and retailers should be nudging all parents to stock up on batteries, rather than face the alternative of a depressed child with a powerless toy on Christmas Day. 

One of the hottest examples is the new Transformers: The Last Knight RC Sqweeks, available from Argos and Amazon for around £70 for children aged 3 and up. It will charge through six AA batteries while entertaining the little ones with singing, dancing, talking and that essential transformer ability to blast Decepticon enemies with his chunky weapon. 

Also for the younger child, Fisher-Price's Think and Learn Teach N Tag Movi activity toy takes four 'C'-cell batteries. It is crammed with shape puzzles, teach and move games, plus an expressive face to engage with the owner. 

Hot from the movies, Disney's Cars 3 has a range of new toys, led by the latest Lightning McQueen RC Car for around £20. The car and its controller require five AA batteries to keep pace with the other vehicles from the series and to perform cool tricks around the home. 

The Little Live Pets range is also new to the market with a set of talking birds, hedgehogs, puppies and other fluffy friends. They can play in a range of sets, most of which are powered by button batteries. Also popular will be sing-a-long microphones from the latest and classic Disney films along with plenty of heroes from the big and small screen to keep children entertained. 

Perhaps the toy of the year for young and old will be the Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges set, which provides a lightsaber and a headset that you drop your smartphone into to create augmented reality battles with Star Wars villains. This requires two AA batteries and, while it costs £249, is expected to be huge. It works with most recent smartphones and the iOS or Android app also lets people play holo-chess and a Star Wars strategy game. 

Whatever people are buying this Christmas, ensure your store has plenty of batteries to meet demand and use displays that feature the popular toys to remind your customers in plenty of time.