Getting customers to stock up on batteries: a guide for small businesses
Getting customers to stock up on batteries: a guide for small businesses
Last Edited: 05/Oct/2017

If you sell batteries in the retail sector, it’s worth thinking about how many batteries your average customer buys in a single visit. If you run a small store, you may be surprised to realise that the majority of your customers buy batteries in very similar quantities. Specifically, most of your battery-buying customers probably buy one or two packs of batteries at a time. As a retailer, you may want your customers to buy more batteries during each visit. After all, boosting your battery sales can increase your profits in both the short term and long term. It’s therefore worth persuading your customers to stock up on batteries at your store. But how can you accomplish this?

1. Understanding your customers

Consumers typically stock up on products at larger stores (such as supermarkets). They may view your smaller, local store as a place they can buy batteries quickly when they run out rather than as a place to buy the majority of their batteries. Your goal should be to alter this perception in a way that benefits both you and your customers. You want your customers to recognise that they don’t have to travel to large supermarkets to stock up on batteries: they can do it affordably at your shop. Cultivating this perception won’t diminish the sales you make to customers who need to buy a few batteries quickly, but it will help you make more sales to customers who need to buy large quantities of batteries.

2. Changing perceptions

If you want customers to see your store as a place where they can buy batteries in bulk, you need to reward them for buying large numbers of batteries. It’s worth offering discounts to customers who buy several packs of batteries instead of one and deploying other special offers, such as price-matching large supermarkets, that are designed to reward customers for stocking up with you. You can also use phrases like ‘stock up’ and ‘bulk buy offer’ in your in-store advertising. Language is a very effective tool for changing people’s perceptions, so never underestimate its power.

3. Ensuring your supply meets the demand

In order to get customers to stock up on batteries at your store, you need to be able to meet their demands, not just alter their perceptions. Make sure you have a plentiful supply of batteries so that your customers can always buy as many as they need.

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