Batteries for travel and holidays
Batteries for travel and holidays
Last Edited: 05/Oct/2017

Everybody knows that batteries are essential for powering common household appliances, such as television remote controls or certain digital radios. As a result, many retail businesses focus on selling batteries by emphasising the ways they can be used at home or in common, everyday portable appliances. Here at House of Batteries, however, we understand that batteries are often used outside of the home. In fact, they are invaluable to individuals who are planning on being away from their homes for long periods of time. Travellers and people who are planning long holidays often need general-purpose batteries. There are two key reasons for this. In today’s blog, we’ll explore these reasons and show you how you can use them to boost battery sales.

1. Using devices in remote areas

Holidaymakers and travellers who find themselves in remote areas may not be able to reliably access electricity. This is often a problem for campers or people holidaying in very rural areas in certain parts of the world. Getting away from modern technology can be rather pleasant. However, nobody wants to be cut off from electricity completely. After all, even the most isolated traveller might want to make a call on their mobile phone or listen to music on a portable music player. Batteries can be invaluable for charging these devices when there are no plug sockets available. As a retailer, you can use internal advertising to remind travellers about the devices they’ll be taking with them and show them that those devices may need batteries.

2. Coping with emergencies

Travelling or going on holiday is supposed to be pleasant, and it usually is. However, there’s always a risk that something could go wrong en-route. A traveller or holidaymaker’s car might break down, or they may become stranded due to other unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, they may find themselves without power, miles from their destination. Batteries can be indispensable in these situations, as they enable travellers and holidaymakers to use portable technology to find out where they are and make contact with someone who can help them. Raising awareness of the risks associated with long-distance travel and showing how batteries can help is a great way to boost battery sales. 

If you choose to start selling batteries to capitalise on travellers and holidaymakers' needs and pain points, we’re confident that you’ll increase your sales dramatically. As the UK’s largest retail battery supplier, we can provide you with all the batteries you’ll need to meet demand. Contact us today for further information.