Back to school - a perfect time to maximise battery sales
Back to school - a perfect time to maximise battery sales
Last Edited: 02/Aug/2017
Although the summer holidays may have only just begun, parents’ and teachers’ minds will shortly be turning to ‘back to school’. You can maximise sales of AA and AAA batteries during this period with some savvy display and marketing strategies.

Back to school gadgets

In addition to your display of pencils, pens, notebooks, and other essential school stationery items, you should include a display of batteries of various sizes and types. Batteries are often an impulse purchase that parents and teachers will make when stocking up for the return to school.
So, what other items are included on most pupils’ list of essential gadgets that they just can’t do without? 
A good scientific calculator is usually required, an electronic notebook, and a tablet. Art students may also use a battery-operated pencil sharpener. For downtime during breaks and dinner hours, a music player, handheld gaming system, and phone can be added to the list. At exam time, many teachers and pupils place an old-style battery operated alarm clock on their desk. And don’t forget the popular remotely operated computer mouse, which needs batteries to power it.
Of course, you can’t have working electronic appliances without batteries, so you can see that the scope for sales is huge.

What batteries should you stock?

Although standard AA and AAA lead batteries are still very popular and in demand, many people are seeking to save money in the long term by switching to rechargeable batteries, which can work out more cost effective over a school year.
Rechargeable batteries are ideal for applications and gadgets that are used frequently. Make sure that you have plenty of rechargeables in stock to cater for items including:
• calculators
• photo printers
• Dictaphones
• remote controls
• electronic pens and board indicators
There are a few items that schools carry that are not used as frequently, but still require batteries. Items such as flashlights and room alarms also need batteries. Because they require a source of slow, constant energy, alkaline batteries are best so make sure you have some of these on display in the appropriate place.
The back to school sales rush will be here before you know it. Make sure that your store is stocked-up with batteries and display them close to items that need battery power to boost sales.