Using retro technology to boost battery sales
Using retro technology to boost battery sales
Last Edited: 26/Jul/2017

If you read this blog regularly, you already know that batteries can be marketed to consumers with MP3 players, mobile phones and other pieces of modern technology because they can be used in conjunction with portable charging devices to keep these commonplace devices running. But have you considered marketing batteries to consumers with an interest in retro technology? 

As surprising as it may seem, retro technology is enormously popular in the UK. Many consumers still own and use old-fashioned Walkmans and portable CD players. In fact, these retro devices acquire more users every day. Classic handheld game consoles (such as the Nintendo Game Boy) also have a dedicated fanbase. But what do all these devices have in common? They’re all battery-powered.

Modern portable devices tend to have internal, rechargeable batteries. However, the most popular pieces of portable retro technology were invented before this type of battery became widely accepted. As a result, they are usually powered by general purpose batteries. Most retro devices are powered by AA batteries, while a few others are powered by AAA ones. 

Clearly, the growing popularity of retro technology can be used by retail businesses to increase battery sales. If you run a business in the retail sector, you could boost battery sales by getting your customers to associate your batteries with their favourite retro devices. For example, you may wish to incorporate retro devices into the imagery that you use for your in-store battery marketing. You may even wish to start selling particular popular pieces of retro technology (we recommend Walkmans and portable CD players). If you do choose to take this step, you should make sure that these devices are displayed near your stock of batteries, or in conjunction with them.

Of course, marketing your batteries to modern device-users is important. However, there’s no reason why you can’t increase sales by also marketing them to retro device-users. Here at House of Batteries, we understand how versatile general purpose batteries can be. This means that they can be sold to a wide variety of different consumers. Why not take advantage of the retro technology craze to increase your sales? As the UK’s largest retail battery supplier, we can supply you with enough batteries to satisfy all your customers.