Displaying batteries as an impulse purchase
Displaying batteries as an impulse purchase
Last Edited: 05/Jul/2017

Due to the rise in chargeable devices, many retailers have overlooked the benefits of selling batteries for domestic use. Whilst electronic items, such as smartphones and laptops, may rely on charging packs rather than traditional batteries, there are still many household products which require AA or AAA batteries.

Despite their popularity, consumers often forget to purchase batteries whilst they’re out shopping. This makes them an ideal product to display near sales points. As customers queue to purchase other items, they are reminded of their battery needs and purchase accordingly.

Keeping items in stock

As most shop owners and retailers know, products with a short shelf life can lead to losses. Batteries, however, tend to have a long shelf life and are likely to sell out before they even approach an expiry date. 

Similarly, as they are relatively small, they don’t require much storage or display space. Indeed, a wide range of brands and battery sizes can easily be displayed on a counter top and can be used to complement existing stock, rather than replacing it. 

Should you opt for rechargeable or single use batteries?

Although the market used to be dominated by single use batteries, there is now significant demand for rechargeable domestic batteries. In fact, these types of batteries have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Whilst some shops only stock single-use batteries, this can result in them missing out on an additional revenue stream. If customers already have a battery charging device but simply need to purchase an extra set of batteries, for example, you could easily lose out on the sale.

By stocking both rechargeable and single-use domestic batteries, you can ensure that all needs are catered for and that you maximise revenue as a battery stockist. 

Maximising profits with wholesale batteries

As with any product, purchasing wholesale batteries ensures that you benefit from a generous mark-up. By using a retail battery wholesaler, you can ensure that you purchase them at the cheapest price, thus maximising your profits when it comes to resale value.

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