How renewable energy could supercharge battery sales
How renewable energy could supercharge battery sales
Last Edited: 03/Jul/2017

Renewable energy is one of the fastest-growing technologies at the moment. It seems that every day there is a new advancement or celebration of renewable energy in the news. Solar, in particular, has been grabbing the headlines in the past couple of years and has been touted as the future of energy. But with all this innovation and advancement, does that mean the loyal batteries we've been using for decades will become obsolete and fade away? 

No - in fact, renewable energy may actually be the best thing to happen to batteries since the voltaic pile. Here's why:

More energy is going to be generated

With more countries worldwide becoming developed, and developed nations becoming more advanced, the world's energy needs are skyrocketing. This, along with environmental concerns, has been one of the major driving forces behind the push for renewable energy. Regardless of how energy is generated it needs to be stored. Renewable energy is the same as energy from fossil fuels when it comes to storage, they both need batteries.

More energy is going to need to be stored

One way in which renewable sources and fossil fuels do differ though is how much storage they need. The major strength of fossil fuels is that they can be burned in response to energy consumption. So, if there is a sudden spike in energy demand, then energy companies can just increase energy plant output and meet that new demand. This isn't possible with renewable energy sources; with solar, the sun is either shining or it isn't. The same with wind, it's either blowing or it's calm. What this means is that more energy is going to be needed to be stored for when it is needed (such as during the night). More importantly, what this also means is...

Battery advancements

With increased need for batteries, comes innovations and shifts in the ways of thinking. As renewable energy becomes more of the default, there's going to be a shift in the way individuals think about energy. It's going to be seen as less of a tap, flowing from the wall from an unknown source, and more like bottled water that can be topped up and kept with you. People are going to start taking ownership of their energy and we're going to see much greater adoption and advancement in things like rechargeable batteries.

Fortunately, you can get ahead of this trend. Rechargeable batteries are already available, so you can stock up before the demand increases.