Smart home devices can boost AA battery sales
Smart home devices can boost AA battery sales
Last Edited: 22/Jun/2017

While most smart home devices use internal batteries charged by USB cables, there are plenty of devices that require a steady supply of AA batteries.

The new Amazon Dash Wand is coming to the UK soon. It can scan barcodes around the home to help build an automatic shopping list and has built-in Alexa support, so owners can add voice reminders about items that don't have barcodes. This little helper is sure to be a hit for home digital shoppers and we can expect the likes of Tesco and Sainsburys to come up with their own versions, all requiring a regular supply of AA batteries. 

Smart door bells with cameras are also a popular starting out point for many smart homes. The bell can send a message to someone's smartphone if they aren't at home, and video will show who's at the door, so folk can tell the postman or courier where to leave a parcel or to talk to guests. Most of these models, including Olive and Dove's RemoBell, use AA batteries to eliminate the need for any wiring.

Many smart locks like the August range also use AA batteries, and with these people can allow access to their home for those guests, workmen or other visitors if they are out, or perhaps just a few minutes from home. Other smart home devices, similar to their dumb counterparts, like smoke alarms, CO2 and leak detectors also use AA batteries. 

Talk to customers about their smart home to see if they need any batteries and consider adding a starter range of smart home products to your ranges to encourage take up. Smart home technology sales are on the rise and the more you can link your supply of brand-name AA batteries to customers' needs, the more likely you are to see increased sales. Perhaps by stocking low-cost LED smart light bulbs, you can demonstrate how these bulbs can set the mood in a home, come on to help wake people up in the morning and other benefits. If that sets customers on the way to smart home devices, it can help your business too.