Three tricks that will instantly boost rechargeable battery sales
Three tricks that will instantly boost rechargeable battery sales
Last Edited: 13/Jun/2017

From a consumer's perspective, rechargeable batteries are a truly incredible invention. They can provide power for an enormous range of portable devices but don’t have to be thrown away afterwards like general purpose batteries. Rechargeable batteries also offer advantages to retailers. Because of their longevity, they can be sold at a higher price and they can be sold alongside general purpose batteries to maximise choice and encourage sales. However, they aren’t quite as easy to sell as general purpose batteries. That’s why here at House of Batteries we would like to provide you with three simple tips for instantly boosting your rechargeable battery sales.

1. Stock battery-charging devices and make sure your customers can see them

Many consumers are hesitant to purchase rechargeable batteries because they think they won’t be able to actually recharge them. It’s very easy to overcome this problem. You just need to stock battery-charging devices, so consumers who don’t already own one can pick one up along with a pack of rechargeable batteries. To maximise the effect of this strategy, we recommend displaying your battery charging devices next to your rechargeable batteries.

2. Remind consumers that the price is worthwhile

Some consumers are reluctant to invest in rechargeable batteries because of their relatively high price-point. However, rechargeable batteries can actually save consumers money in the long-run, because they don’t need to be replaced as often as general purpose batteries. Why not create in-store advertising that tells consumers exactly how much they could save by investing in rechargeable batteries? You’ll be surprised by how quickly this can boost sales.

3. Place your rechargeable batteries near devices that use them

Telephone handsets and certain other household devices need to be switched on almost all the time. As a result, they constantly drain a small amount of power from their batteries. These devices would use up general purpose batteries at astonishing speeds, but rechargeable batteries can keep them working for months or years. We recommend stocking rechargeable batteries next to these items to encourage your customers to invest in the batteries when they invest in the items.

If you follow these simple tips, your rechargeable battery sales should increase respectably. In fact, you may even need to buy in extra wholesale batteries to meet demand. We can supply those batteries, so get in touch with us today.