Emergency power packs are a good source of AA battery sales
Emergency power packs are a good source of AA battery sales
Last Edited: 05/Jun/2017

With many customers packing a growing array of USB powered gadgets, from smartphones to music players, smart lights and other portable goods, there is a growing need for a healthy supply of emergency power, for those times when a gadget runs out of juice. This provides a great opportunity for retailers to sell these chargers or power banks, and many packs of AA batteries to customers, especially when they realise their phone is down to a few percent power, and don't have a charger to hand, or somewhere to plug it in. 

There is a large range of battery-powered USB power banks on the market, from well known and white label brands, that stores can stock next to their batteries, and market as the perfect emergency or backup gadget. Most take 2x or 4x AA batteries and offer up to eight hours' of extra life for a single device.

That could prove vital for a long journey, field trips, days at the beach and so on, and will appeal to young and older buyers alike. Retailers can sell the idea of more talk time, music or movies on the go, the ability to take more photos and so on. Lipstick or torch style models can be sold to ladies as easy to fit into their handbag, while larger models will fit in any backpack, making them ideal for camping, picnic or biking trips. 

Most of these power packs come with a range of plug connectors or leads to work with a range of devices including Android and Apple iPhones, tablets and the growing range of devices that have USB ports as a source of power. Some can even charge multiple devices at once, ideal for family outings. Naturally, AA alkaline batteries provide the greatest power and the longest life, making these charger or power banks an excellent sales opportunity. 

With everyone heading out for the summer, selling power banks or chargers, or reminding customers to stock up on new or extras batteries for them is a great way to help market your AA batteries as a summer essential for all kinds of uses.