How consumers judge battery quality
How consumers judge battery quality
Last Edited: 30/May/2017

When choosing batteries, most consumers make quality their top priority. They want batteries that are safe and that will last a long time. If you run a retail business that stocks batteries, it’s important to ensure that all your batteries are high-quality and that your customers know it. But how do your customers judge the quality of your batteries? What factors do they use to decide if a battery is worth buying? In today’s blog, we’ll attempt to answer these questions. If you know what consumers are looking for, you can show them what they need to see and thereby convince them that your batteries are worth their money.

1. Brand

Most consumers prefer to buy batteries from well-known, trusted brands. They have no reason to believe that unbranded batteries (or batteries from lesser-known brands) will be reliable or safe. However, they do trust the reputation of well-established brands like Duracell, Philips and Energizer. We therefore recommend that you mainly stock batteries from trusted brands. Stocking too many cheap generic batteries may cause your customers to doubt the quality of all your batteries. In contrast, stocking and prominently displaying brands they already know and love will help cultivate a feeling of trust.

2. Pricing

Obviously, nobody wants to pay an excessive amount of money for their batteries. However, consumers are often wary of very low prices. They know that high-quality batteries cost more than a pound or two. If your batteries are priced too low, your customers may become suspicious or believe that there’s something wrong with them. We recommend selling your batteries at a fair and reasonable price rather than trying to reduce that price to an excessive degree.

3. Placement

If your stock of batteries isn’t easy to find, consumers may feel that your business isn’t heavily invested in battery sales. They may conclude that you aren’t concerned about your battery sales and might therefore carelessly stock poor-quality batteries. To alleviate this problem, simply make your batteries easy to find!

Here at House of Batteries, we only sell top-notch, branded wholesale batteries. If you want to persuade your customers that your batteries are worth their money, try following the advice we have given in today’s blog and buy your stock of batteries from us.