Tapping into the student market
Tapping into the student market
Last Edited: 24/May/2017

Practically everybody needs general purpose batteries. However, some demographics use more than others. Here at House of Batteries, we think it’s important for you to know which groups can be relied on to buy batteries so that you can target your marketing efforts accordingly. One group you may have overlooked is the student demographic. It might surprise you to learn that college and university students are more likely to buy large numbers of batteries than most other groups. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the reasons for this so that you can market to students more effectively.

1. Students are often tech enthusiasts

It’s well-known that young people tend to adopt new technologies before older generations do. Students tend to be younger people, meaning they are more likely to be interested in battery-powered gadgets and gizmos than people from other demographic groups. What’s more, they have enough control over their own income to invest in these gadgets and gizmos. As a battery retailer, you should be aware that students are likely to buy the latest devices and then purchase batteries to power them.

2. Students may use portable devices instead of bulkier equivalents

Students are famous for having low incomes. As a result, they can’t always afford to use large, mains-powered devices. In order to deal with this problem, students sometimes seek out portable, battery-powered alternatives. These everyday devices might not be as flashy or impressive as the gadgets we alluded to in Point 1, but they still need batteries.

3. Students are social

Students use devices socially. This includes both larger devices such as televisions (which need battery-operated TV remotes to work) and smaller ones, like mobile phones. Because students tend to be very sociable compared to other demographics, they often use up a lot of batteries by operating socially-oriented devices. Naturally, these batteries have to be replaced.

If you sell batteries in the retail sector and haven’t tried marketing to students yet, we suggest you start now. As the UK’s foremost retail battery supplier, we believe that marketing batteries to students is a very effective way to generate revenue.