Remember to promote batteries to male and female customers
Remember to promote batteries to male and female customers
Last Edited: 11/May/2017

A lot of battery marketing and product design tends to be focused on selling them to gadget-obsessed males. However, both genders are just as likely to pick up batteries. Catering for men and womens needs with battery supplies and point of sale marketing can make all the difference when it comes to selling your AA and AAA stock. 

There are three areas you can focus on when marketing batteries. When it comes to the home, everyone is liable to picking up replacement batteries for remotes, cordless phones, smoke and other safety sensors, children's toys and so on while doing the weekly shop. Even the simplest of products, like kitchen wall clocks or the buzzing alarms that get the kids out of bed in the morning, are most often battery powered. Creating a display that reminds both genders to stock up on those essential batteries could be well worth your while. 

The other major area is health. Women pack a dazzling array of battery-powered care products these days, and so do men! From battery-powered toothbrushes to shavers, neck massage devices, face scrubbers, hair removers and other products. Most of these require AA or AAA batteries and reminding your shoppers by positioning them on the end of the same aisle can help boost sales in your store. 

With summer fast approaching, couples might also be heading away for the weekend, group trips with friends and family holidays. Your customers will need all the batteries they can carry for their phone life-extenders, along with keeping their digital cameras powered up and any travel beauty devices they take with them. Focusing on those holidays, the selfies in the sun and good times with friends is a useful way to remind them of all the battery power they need this summer. 

So, instead of focusing all of your attention on male gadget shoppers, why not see if marketing some of your battery stock towards both genders can help make a difference? Whatever your battery needs, our wholesale range and retail supply service can keep you in stock, even while your customers are out having all the fun.