New opportunities for battery sales
New opportunities for battery sales
Last Edited: 27/Apr/2017

With summer on the way, there are plenty of seasonal sales ideas to get batteries moving from your shelves. But there are also plenty of new, low-cost, or innovative ideas coming to market that you might want to consider investing in to help sales along or for which to create some bright posters or flyers to remind people to stock up. 

While your stores might not want to stock expensive console products, Nintendo's hugely successful Switch console is soon to get a new AA-battery pack for the Joy-Con controllers that fit on the side of the hybrid console/tablet. The packs, which also make the controller more comfortable to hold, will be available from 16th June, price to be announced, and are a fine opportunity to sell packs of AA batteries to eager video gamer buyers. 

Another, more surprising trend, is fidget spinners. These typically £10 balanced spinners are used by kids with attention deficit disorders to help keep them calm and remain focused at school. These gizmos dominate the Amazon sales charts and the trend has spread rapidly, also being used as an executive toy or a calming aid for all ages. Some models come with LED lights to add to the sense of calm or well-being. These require coin-type batteries and only last 12 hours or so, depending on the model, might be a worthwhile investment to help sell the smaller batteries in your inventory. 

Finally, the market for garden lights is taking off again. There are plenty of battery-powered ranges on sale to help provide more regular lighting, compared to the solar-powered models that rely on the vagaries of the British weather. Chains of LED lights, usually powered by 4 AA batteries can be strung along awnings, under garden umbrellas and across pagodas to add a little night-time ambience for a BBQ or party. With prices starting around £12, these can be shown in-store to add a little decor and make a great impulse purchase.

Whatever your battery range, keep an eye out on the latest trends or new products to help keep those sales ticking along, and to add new products to keep your customers happy.