3 reasons to stock up on batteries before summer
3 reasons to stock up on batteries before summer
Last Edited: 24/Apr/2017

Spring is officially here, which means that summer will soon be on its way. Batteries are more important than you might think when it comes to summertime activities and you'll want to make sure you have plenty in stock to avoid leaving your customers disappointed. 

Although the days are starting to get lighter, there are a number of reasons you should consider stocking up on batteries to meet customer demand! Here are just three:

1. Camping season begins

The warmer weather means that people often like to get a taste of the great outdoors and take themselves off camping. Power supplies are usually limited to whatever you can power using batteries when camping, which means those campers will be looking to stock up. It's a market that's often overlooked, combine it with a campaign to offer a great deal on batteries targeting camping enthusiasts and it's a potential gold mine.

2. Take advantage of the festival market

It's one of Britain's favourite past times, spending a few days sat in a field listening to music and having fun. However, with a similar issue to the camping market, it always goes dark at night and access to power sources is extremely limited! Battery sales often see an increase during festival season as attendees stock up on batteries to power their ever growing list of devices. July and August are peak times for festivals, with many of the main ones taking place in these two months. 

3. Toys and accessories get extra use

With the children off school, parents are often looking for ways to keep them entertained with their favourite toys, most of which require batteries. In addition, summer is peak time for birthdays and other events where children will get new toys for which batteries are required. You can really make the most of this by stocking batteries alongside summertime toys and accessories to encourage customers to stock up while making a purchase. 

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