Running out of time to sell batteries approaching their expiry date? Here's how to sell them
Running out of time to sell batteries approaching their expiry date? Here's how to sell them
Last Edited: 03/Apr/2017

While both general purpose batteries and rechargeable batteries have a much longer shelf-life than many household products, they do eventually expire. All batteries have a ‘Best If Used By’ date. Obviously, it’s harder to sell batteries that are approaching this expiration date. As the UK’s foremost retail battery supplier we understand how frustrating it can be for retailers like you to find yourself with a surplus of batteries that are about to expire. Of course, you can usually avoid this situation by investing in the right quantity of batteries for your business, thereby ensuring that you sell your entire stock before any of them expire. However, you can’t predict every circumstance that might affect your sales and you may occasionally be left a surplus of ageing batteries. How can you sell them before they reach their expiry date? In today’s blog, we’ll provide you with some simple tips that will help you.

1. Reduce the price or deploy a special offer

Everyone loves a deal. Reducing the price of batteries that are nearing their expiry date or offering a special deal (such as two for the price of one) is a great way to ensure that they get sold before you have to take them off the shelves.

2. Be honest

Most consumers are aware that the expiry date given on batteries is very conservative. The majority of batteries remain usable for a long time after reaching their official expiry date, so there’s no need to try to distract from the fact that your batteries are nearing their ‘Best If Used By’ date. If you are open and honest with your customers, they will happily buy batteries that are approaching their expiry date (especially if their price has been reduced or they’re on special offer). If you try to conceal or distract from the expiry date, however, your customers may not trust you and may therefore refrain from purchasing your batteries. Honesty isn’t just ethical, it’s also better for sales, so don’t resort to underhand tactics to sell your batteries.

3. Increase the prominence of your nearly-expired batteries

Here at House of Batteries, we frequently blog about the importance of positioning your batteries in a prominent position to ensure that consumers see them and buy them. This technique also works for batteries that are nearing their expiration date. We suggest separating them from the rest of your stock of batteries and putting them in a more prominent position. This will ensure that customers notice any special offers or reduced prices you may have applied to those specific batteries. What’s more, customers are generally more likely to choose the prominently-displayed version of a product than it’s less well-placed alternative.

Once you manage to sell all your batteries (regardless of their expiry dates), you’ll need to stock up on more, so check out our product pages today.